Taylor Martin Press kit images | digital imagery by sWitt

Photos /digital imagery: © Steve Wittenberg / MeanPony Productions

Bio: via TaylorMartin.org

“Taylor Martin was born September 2, 1980. Raised near Richmond, Virginia, he fell in love with music at a young age. His first professional performances came at age 17 when he would attend hootenannies (folk-singer-get-togethers). It was through these experiences that Taylor began to hone his musical identity.

He moved to northern Utah where he began to fuse personal experience with the craft of professional songwriting. ‘The spirit of the West spoke to me and in that I began to dream music,’ Taylor recalls. ‘The combination of fact and fiction, dark and light, knowingness and fear all became very real to me.’  Songwriting became a near obsession for him, and at age 24 he recorded his first album at Avon Sound Recording in Paradise, Utah.

After a brief tour of the West, he decided to move back to the South where he felt he could better explore his own ‘roots’ music.   It’s the overlapping of the western spirit with his southern heritage that has giving birth to the  songwriting on his new album, Engine.  His songs are described as cryptic yet genuine, uplifting at times, heartbreaking at others. It doesn’t take much of a listen before you realize that this music is drenched with passion and heartache.

These are human emotions in a genuine musical form.


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