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MeanPony Productions freely shares our original images ONLY on Facebook & pre-approved social media WITH byline &/or attribution. ANY other published use MUST BE LICENSED for your specific usage for a specific time period.

We’re happy to share our images on FB under these terms & very proud of our 100’s of friends, fans & colleagues that have chosen to re-publish our images for their profiles, pages & events. Some of you have purchased our services & are aware that we make the price work for your budget. We love making memorable images & it’s our primary source of income; so please, respect our copyright! Always contact us with some info for your intended publication; We’ll negotiate a win-win deal for licensed use of our © images.

just to clarify:
copyright |ˈkäpēˌrīt|
the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

verb [ trans. ] secure copyright for (such material).

~sWitt @ MeanPony Productions
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PS: an additonal note for using MPP images on Facebook.
FREE use of MPP images on Facebook requires only the simple courtesy of giving credit for our work!

MPP will always watermark our © images & we prefer that you do not crop when using the images on Facebook for profile pix or events or whatever legitimate published use on social media.

If you have downloaded the image & cropped out the MPP watermark or altered the image in anyway, it is imperative that you give a byline in the caption: “photo: © Steven Wittenberg / MeanPony Productions”

You can also @ tag the image by typing the “@” symbol and then–“MeanPony Productions” (you must be a fan of MPP for this @ tag method to work) We encourage sharing & linking to our www.meanpony.com &/or www.facebook.com/MeanPony sites.

Any use of MPP images outside of these reasonable terms will be considered a © (copyright) violation & any such published use of the images will be subject to industry standard fees for the specific licensed use & possible civil/criminal penalties.

Important UPDATE:
Please, be aware that we DO NOT consider REVERBNATION & other promotional sites for musicians to be classified as SOCIAL MEDIA. These sites are clearly promotional & therefore would not qualify for our “Fair Use” terms. Any of our images published to RN & other promotional web sites would require a written “Licensed Use” agreement!


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