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About the art:

Merging traditional photography with digital art is the best way to describe Steve's work. Techniques developed while working as a photojournalist blend with computer design skills to create a uniquely stylized look. Working with both 35mm and digital cameras, and a desktop studio (power macs®, nikon® scanner/s, various editing software) allows complete control from original shot through digital imagery and final output.

His goal is to provide an artistically clear vision of a "decisive moment"; a photo/image that can stand up over time. A great image will hopefully, always be valid.

Giclee' prints (photo-inkjet) are produced and finished using proven archival methods. Steve is currently offering a number of collectors' print series. Images groups include "the Dance Series", Native American pow-wows, "recent works" the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and "the 9-11 series", a stark look at the 9-11 tragedy in NYC.

(Please inquire for dealer availablity outside of Utah)

About the artist:

Steven Wittenberg was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in the midwest- LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Education at the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. and a Minor in photography landed early media & commercial work as variously: ad rep, cameraman, production artist, sports reporter, news photographer and layout designer.

His work has continued in Utah since 1982; initially as a windsurf instructor/ski bum. Commercial work has been primarily in the "Outdoor retail" industry, his designs and photos have been used in stores and print ads throughout the west. Literally, it is these years of time spent doing computer graphic production that has given Steve the skill to use his digital tools just the way a painter uses a brush. He and his family have settled in the Park City, Utah area and Steve eagerly covers diverse assignments/commissions locally in Utah, regionally in the western United States, NYC and in Central America.

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