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What is QuickTimeVR ?
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"VR" or "Virtual Reality" encompasses a wide range of new technologies that offer the viewer an experience they participate in. Onscreen, people see a first person perspective because they have the ability to control their point of view. VR engages us with interactivity, and invites us to be active in the experience, as if we are really there.

There are two main types of VR, panoramic environments and objects. Both types are user-navigated movies that can be freely explored on either Windows or Mac. VR content is created either photographically or with 3D software, and usually the environments are photo-realistic interpretations of reality. Often the VR environments come alive with sound and animations in the movies, adding to the richness of the experience.

Object movies simulate viewing an object from many sides, such as holding a small object in your hand with the ability to turn it around. Likewise, it could be a very large object, such as flying around the exterior of the Great Pyramids.

VR panoramas simulate environments that we can view around in 360 degrees. These panoramas could be of literally anywhere, a viewer could be on a gorgeous beach on Maui island, or standing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. By combining objects, panoramas and audio, you can create a virtual tour to tell a story in a unique and dynamic way.

There are various players for viewing VR movies, and they differ greatly in quality and performance. There is Apple Computer's QuickTimeVR (QTVR), PTViewer, and a few other Java-based players. Java will play VR in a limited way on computers that do not have QuickTime. Java-based PTViewer has many limitations compared to QuickTime VR, but offers a basic VR tour and has the best quality of the Java players.

QuickTime VR is the most widely recognized player with superior quality and excellent performance. QuickTimeVR is the industry standard for photo-realistic virtual tours. Because QTVR is part of QuickTime, there are many unique features and useful benefits to using it, and it offers an open-ended ability to customize the VR being created. With QuickTimeVR a highly interactive and high resolution VR experience is possible, and this is the wave of the creative future.

view QTVR sample by MeanPony Productions
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