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Sunday,  January 17th  2021  11:17:am
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If you're unfamiliar with, it is an online international music community with a great music data service that compiles playlists based on your preferences and music player history. You'll need to sign up for a FREE account & download some software for your choice of media player, then as you play your "iTunes" or whatever, the client will track your plays (*scrobble) to your account. There are paid premium service subscriptions available as well.

click the icon for a web site preview:

TIP: for widgets use the little pop-up icon in the lower right of the displayed players and you'll get a popup player, so you can continue to surf without interrupting the music.
***UPDATE*** has discontinued widgets, so the pop-up icon described is no longer functioning.
Check the Popup Radio link on our Home page; we've re-configured for users. You need to be logged into for this to work.

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