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Sunday,  January 17th  2021  10:52:am
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Facebook Page admins loose important function...

View (Photo) Comments Function on Facebook Pages

Restore View Photo Comment function on Facebook Pages

Re-post via Bill Warren
ATTN: Fanpage Administrators !!! Send FB a message!

A recent unannounced platform change by FB eliminated the *view photo comments* function on business/fanpages.

Many professional photographers relied exclusively on this function to show and sell their work to visitors, fans and customers on their business/fanpages.

Join the group! Restore Photo Comments Function on Business/Fanpages!

There is strength in numbers and with the additional support gained thru these new posts we should be close to 1500 members (ed. over 2,000 as of this post) in just a little while.

There is no guarantee of our success, but at least we will know that we have been heard by those in FB. In the meantime, the guys in the backroom at the custom fan page help center are working a couple of nice workarounds to the situation. With iFrames coming to fanpages, there are new options that are being explored.

Thank you for doing a great job of keeping our posts positive. I know that everyone is frustrated and impatiently hoping for a successful resolution to this unannouced platform change.Staying positive is the *key* to establishing a meaningful dialogue with FB.

Time for some more coffee.
More later.

Best Regards,


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