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Digital Imagery by Steven "sWitt" Wittenberg Print E-mail

... here is link to a digital imagery gallery collection>>>
samples of digital art by Steven "sWitt" Wittenberg
MeanPony Productions, Park City, Utah.

Our digital art is all photo-based; that is, each image is an original photograph, sometimes, still film, but more often digital capture. We work with the Photoshop ® application to create our vision for the image and print to various art papers for archival quality giclee´ prints.

"Spirit Owl" available as collectable giclee´ print.

PhotoStack -- digital art samples Print E-mail

a PhotoStack created with JAlbum and the new "PhotoStack" skin. A great gallery solution using Open Source Freeware. JAlbum is a downloadable application that allows you to build a web gallery on your desktop using your choice of images or directories with customizable skins... then, simply upload to your web server to go live. Click the icon or the "Read More" link to view. art samples by Steven Wittenberg, MeanPony Productions, Park City, Utah. Images and stock photos include Utah scenery and Native American dance, also, digital art created from stock photography of Mississippi River scenes from Wisconsin.

QuickTime VR sample Print E-mail
QuickTime VR sample built with QTVR Authoring Tools and Photoshop. An authentic virtual tour experience... the user can "visit" the client: Main St. Pizza & Noodle Restaurant location
on Historic Main St. in Park City, Utah. You can click the icon or the "Read More" link to view.

This can be an ideal format to market your commercial real estate or vacation rental property. You'll find that the QuickTime format is fairly universal--the plug-in player is available in a FREE version for all operating systems. Installs easily in your choice of web browser. GET QUICKTIME >>>
Digital photography and design by Steven Wittenberg, MeanPony Productions, Park City, Utah.

(500k file size) Recommended for High Speed Internet connection. This is a rather large file with some "sprites" that create the autoplay feature; user can zoom in/out or control the panning with mouse or keyboard and also notice the addition of custom text to give the autoscroll a selling feature.

Utah Artist Hands Posters Print E-mail
    Utah Artist Hands Posters-- commissioned digital art; the three originals (12" x 36" each) are displayed in this SLC gallery entry-way as Utah themed art. The Utah Artist Hands gallery represents exclusively Utah artists, including digital artist, Steven Wittenberg of Park City, Utah. Limited edition collectible art posters were also published to commemorate the opening of this gallery, just prior to the Winter Olympics in 2002.
    Source was Utah stock images by Mr. Wittenberg. Process involved scanning stock images and with mulitple techniques, creating a "photo collage" with Photoshop to render evocative scenes depicting the geography and seasons of Utah. Scenes include the Sundance area, near Provo Canyon and Mt. Timpanogas. Also, Alta Ski Resort in the Cottonwood Canyons area, near Salt Lake City, Utah. The "Red Rocks" area of southeastern Utah, near Moab and Canyonlands National Park. Click the "Read More" link, to view these posters...
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